A romantic/comedic series by Miju Maru.


  1. Team Kane (Kenna x Shane)
  1. Team Kaydan (Kaylie x Aidan)
  1. Team Pandreas (Piper x Andreas)

Synopsis Edit

Kenna is the new girl in town, and she's aspiring to make a living on her own. But her whole life, she wanted to be in love. It's just that none of the guys ever seemed to catch her eye...At least, until she met her neighbor. Shane. The bad boy and the flirt of the town. Will Kenna ever find out if Shane actually likes her? Will it be..True Love? 

Main CharactersEdit







Minor CharactersEdit

Anna- Anna is Shane's little sister. She is very girly and LOVES princessy things. Anna loves playing with Shane, so she hates it when he's late. Her punishment to him for being late is dressing him up in princess clothes. Sometimes, Shane has to babysit her so sometimes she comes on adventures with the group.

Episode Descriptions and LinksEdit

Episode 1- Kenna moves in. While unpacking, Shane invites himself into her house, and Aidan ends up barging in too. Kaylie comes in soon after to kill Aidan, and after getting the boys out of Kenna's house, she invites her to the mall. There Kenna meets Piper but she has to leave. So Kenna leaves the mall too, but when she realizes she doesn't know her way home, she has to enlist in the help of Shane to get home.

Episode 2-