Amnesia Intro

Amnesia Intro

Amnesia is an adventure/romance series, made by Storyteller Pika

Plot SummaryEdit

One day, a boy named Tarou wakes up on the side of the rode. He knows WHO he is, but that is all. He doesn't know anything about his past or current life. Confused, he hears voices and goes to ask the persons where he is, only to get dragged into the bushes by a young timid girl named Yumi. Yumi tells him the country is in war and that he souldn't walk up to people like that. Not really knowing what to do, he follows Yumi to the army front and joins them, fighting side by side with Yumi to safe the country from it's evil ruler.

Main CharactersEdit

Tarou Akiyama- Tarou could be considered laid back and carefree, but he is the least. His amnesia just get's in the way of his true personality. On the battlefield, he does everything to protect every innocent Pokemon. The only moments when he is truly hisself is when he is alone with Yumi. Might the young man have feelings for his battle partner?

Eevee Skok


Yumi Ito- Yumi is a young timid girl who decided to join the battlefront after her parents where murdered by the servants of the country ruler. Due fighting in the civil war, Yumi came to appear emotionless, but she is anything but that. She still is a young girl, so she still fangirls.. likes to go shopping.. crushes on boys.. This side of her barely comes out though, because winning the civil war and avange her parent's death is her main priority.

Episode listEdit

No episodes released yet