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BFB intro

EP677 Snivy de Ash


BFB is a romance series by Storyteller Pika

Plot SummaryEdit

Kris and Taylor have been really good friends since high school, and despite them being different from eachother, they are perfect friends. The two of them make a group of friends together with Taylor's boyfriend- Jesse. Jesse and Kris have been childhood friends for who knows how long, but they begin to develop feelings for eachother. And if Kris doesn't want something to happen, it is to fall in love with her best friend and get in trouble Taylor.. 


Kristina (Kris) Lovell- Kris is a 17 year old Snivy and is a really goodie-two shoes on the inside. However, she is very loyal and loves her friends deeply. She tries to act more fiesty, so she can have more fun with Taylor. Kris is also really close with Jesse. But while being so close to Jesse, she develops feelings for him. She tries to fight those feelings on all costs.

Taylor Jeanes- Taylor is a 17 years old Emolga. She is really stubborn, cheerfull and VERY fiesty. She always tries to get Kris out of her "safe zone". She is in a relationship with Jesse.

Jesse Wayne- Jesse, an 18 year old male Oshawott. He is kinda your avarage "badass" boy. He is in a relationship with Taylor and is also gaining feelings for Kris, but instead of Kris, he isn't trying to hid this at ALL.