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(EDIT: idk why it rendered so weird, sorry, I thought it would be full screen -_-) So this is that series I was talking about that would replace opposite's attraction ^^ rules for entering: 1. no using taken pokemon 2. no legendaries or shinies 3. no repeating names

taken pokemon: pachirisu, pikachu, skitty, cyndaquil, emolga, minccino, fennekin, bulbasaur, squirtle, vulpix, chikorita, chespin, bunnelby, eevee, snivy, piplup, buneary, buizel, teddiursa, oshawott, gardevoir, quilava,togetic,flareon, shinx, plusle, minun, flareon, poocheyena, growlithe, houndour

taken names: Ariella (ally), justin, carly, noah, bryn, mason, deliora, jennifer (j.r., junior), seira, evan, alexis (alex), ellie, max, oliver, holly, emily (star), jake, serena, sam, pearl, athena, dj, kassidy, devin, donovan, wish, kyle, micheal

story plot:

Ariella DeStephano is a 16 year old girl with a summer job as an assistant manager of a clothing store in the mall. Perfect, right? Well, it is untill Justin Pierce comes along and turns Ariella's world upside down. As much as she insists that she hates him, however, she just might be falling "4" him...

I do not own pokemon I do not own rock my dna, a remix.

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