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im a ninja

alittle about herEdit

she may look like an normal eevee, but she got a secret, she is a zorua! she has to hide it for keeping her loved ones save. she is a jounior agent and is only 12 years old.


she got an crazy personality, she is brave but yet hotheaded and does not always think before she goes out to an battle. she makes easely friends cuz of her craziness. she also got a kind heart and will risk her life for her friends. she got a long way to go for saving the world but she is on the way

love life

her love life is not talked about much, its reveald in the crossover with pokemon life that her friend tunder might got a crush on her but more isnent reveald yet

family life

much of her family isent seen yet, we know her mom is slyer than a fox and that madeline got an older cusin


we know she got an friend named molly she got killed by a darkai. do to madeline rage she discoverd her powers we know thats how she met boss and tunder