Otp master intro

Otp master intro

Otp master

shippings for life!!!


we meet the gang and their friends. it seems like chole got some rivals and that serana got quite a reputation. lizzie, serena and now chole is planing to make team otp big! with a clubhouse!


serana adams: a real girly girl, her hobby is to find the perfect pairs.  she is 15 and loves to hang out at the mall with her friends

lizzie lizzie mcqueen: she loves sports but also loves shopping and the mall. she is 16 and is best friends with serana, her and serena is team otp

zack mcqueen: is a true bad boy, he breaks hearts after hearts, but got a soft spot for serana, he is 17 years old

hunter white: he is 14 years old and moved to new york a while ago, he is super nerdy and get picked on by zack, he got a crush on chloe

chloe jones: she is tomboyish and stubborn, she comes from a rich family but hates it, she is kinda geeky but still loves sports. she ofen get in trouble and she is 15 years old