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We are a bunch of youtubers who make Pokemon Series using our own characters. Some series are romantic, some are comedy, some may be more about action. Regardless, they can all be found here! Here you can find information straight from the creators of some series about their shows, characters and anything else they want to write about! If you are a creator of a series, feel free to make a page and talk all about it!

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Chilled Angel :Edit

Summerside Academy

TheFieryPhoenix :

Partners in Crime (ON HOLD)

Rave With Me (working on the page)

Starstruck Superstars (UNDER CONSTRUCTION)

Storyteller Pika :Edit

Beauty and the Nerd

Amnesia (On hold)

Key to her heart (Page being built)

Platymon47 :Edit

Falling 4 U

Angel Love :

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Fenbi da Fennekin

Lps Zorua Star

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