Wild Heartz - Episode 4

Wild Heartz - Episode 4

Episode 4 - An example of Team Tristain

"HOLY SPAGHETTIOS! A ferrari?! Erm, I mean..."

                                            - Rain


Rain is a confident, young girl who strives for nothing more than to have fun, whether it be outside or inside. She's never really been that outgoing, until she meets Tristan, who encourages her to 'hang out with Mother Nature'. Like Maya, she's very kind and thoughtful and cares a lot about her friends. On the contrary, sometimes she just doesn't know when to keep her mouth shut.

Team TristainEdit


Rain Walker

Rain doesn't realise this at first, but, even though Tristan claims he's only kidding, all of the words that come out of Tristan's mouth are pure truth, they're just disguised by jokes and such. She tends to misunderstand Tristan's meaning behind helping her so much, so she thinks  Tristan only wants to be friends, when he's actually pondering about the same thing.

"I'll be honest... he's a smooth talker, but he's only joking... Right?"                                             - Rain