Summerside Academy Episode 1 Alex

Summerside Academy Episode 1 Alex

Episode 1: Alex

'Alex' is the first episode of Chilled Angel's first series; Summerside Academy . It focuses on Alex's first time at the school where she meets some of her fellow pupils.

Plot Summary:Edit

Alexandra Wilde (Alex) is the new girl in town, and she's about to start at her new school, Summerside Academy, home to a whole load of crazy characters that she will have to get used to. At the academy she meets her tutor, Miss May, and has a brief issue with Madelyn Free, which is sorted by Michael Hankins. To help her settle into the school, her tutor Miss May gives permission for Michael  to give Alex a tour of the school for a day, helping her to get used to it. During lunch, Alex spends time with Michael and meets some of his friends: the troublemaker Dylan Tanaka, the Drama Queen Brianna Benjamini and the cool girl Mia Free, twin sister of Madelyn.

Characters (In order of appearance):Edit

Alexandra Wilde (Alex)

Miss. May

Madelyn Free

Michael Hankins

Dylan Tanaka

Mia Free

Brianna Benjamini