Wild Heartz Episode 1-0

Wild Heartz Episode 1-0

Wild Heartz - Episode 1


Tristan Burk

"The thought of someone shipping me with some random girl? It give me shivers."            - Tristan


Tristan is a confident, energetic pikachu with many jokes and ironic features. He tends to annoy people in order to become friends with them, and succeeds, strangely enough. Like Rain does to him, Tristan likes to tease his friends, especially Rain and Theo. Ironically, he despises the thought of people shipping him with others. 

Team TristainEdit

After getting to know Rain, Tristan automatically thinks he's been friend-zoned, and immediately drops the idea of him and Rain together, or so he thinks. Deep, deep, deep inside his heart, he has a huge crush on Rain, and sometimes, that can be revealed in many situations.

Theo says: "Turns out... Rain's not single."

Tristan's reaction: "What?! *grabs Theo's computer*"

                                               - Tristan