Wild Heartz Episode 1

Wild Heartz Episode 1

Wild Heartz - Episode 1

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This series has been cancelled!!!

Wild Heartz is a romance series made by TheFieryPhoenix on youtube, but can be found on her series channel: AnimeTalezz. It consists of 3 couples/shippings, Team Tristain, Team Zaya and Team Leo. All of these couples come together through one little lake, their chosen hangout spot.

Plot SummaryEdit

An eevee called Rain moves to a new town, only to be hit on by a pikachu called  Tristan. She never used to get out much, and spent most of her days sat inside playing video games or talking on chatrooms and such. However, when she meets all of her new friends, she begins to realise there's more to life than her computer.


Rain Walker - Rain is a brave young eevee who's not afraid to stand up to others. She's got a lot of confidence, and never really understood romance of any kind. When it comes to decisions, she's always never sure what to say. 

Tristan Burk - Tristan comes off as an intimidating, flirty bad boy, when really he's a nice, romantic guy who doesn't know when to stop joking. He's very easygoing and loves to have fun, despite the consequences.

Alexis Tyson (Lexie) - Lexie is a real fashionista, she can be pretty dumb at times and can be easily offended if you try to correct her grammar or her statements. She's always hyper, and even her doctor told her she should never have the slightest fragment of caffeine or sugar.

Theodore Haddock (Theo) - Theo can be seen as a nerd, as he always brings his laptop to the lake. He can't help but correct Lexie, it's a force of habit. He tries his best to impress her, but never succeeds. He's a little obsessive, but very intelligent.

Zachary Collins (Zack) - Zack is known for being an absolute pervert, as he's always staring at girls. Like Lexie, he can be very stupid at times. He's never been in a serious relationship since recently, since he's always joking around and doesn't know how to treat a girl right.

Maya Addicott - Maya is a shy, quiet girl at first, but once you get to know her, she's sassy, fun and easy to like. She loves her friends and tries to help them out as much as possible, but knowing Lexie, her only problems are to do with lemons. She does get irritated by Lexie, but tries not to show it too much.