Your Eyes intro

Your Eyes intro

Your Eyes is a Yandere series by Storyteller Pika.

Plot summaryEdit

Mio the Espurr moves to a new town, where she meets the very attractive boy; Kyou. Mio is inmideantly lovestruck with this boy and is really in a good mood.. UNTILL she finds out Kyou has a girlfriend. Mio starts to hold a grudge against the girl, named Yasu. And let's just keep it at this; you don't want Mio to hold a grudge against you. You really, really don't.. Mio has some.. problems.


Mio Sato- Mio is a 19 year old girl, who lives in a small apartment across the street. Mio seems cute and really nice on the first eye, but Mio has some... problems. Mio has an obsession with sharp things. Mio really enjoys seeing people in pain. Mio really likes blood. Mio has a box full of voodoo dolls. Should I continue? Mio is a yandere, to put this all in a short way. And after she became infatuated with her neighbour Kyou, the situation get's out of hand.

Espurr by mariohenri-d6sixgj


Kyou Tsukino- Kyou is a 20 year old Minccino, who lives- or used to live- a pretty normal life. Kyou works at the local car montage place, and works pretty hard. He can be really laid back sometimes though. He is in a relationship with Yasu.. and has one heck of a stalker.

Yasu Ito- Yasu is a 19 year old Buneary and she is Kyou's girlfriend. She used to live the PER

FECT life. Her life was lovely and everything went right- I mean, she even got her dream boy dating her! Everything went right, UNTILL Mio moved to town. After this, her life got a shadow over it. Mio is always staring at her from a distance, and Yasu is scared to death that Mio might hurt her. 


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